Hip Replacement Treatment in Guntur

Hip joint may be affected by arthritis i.e degenerative disease of joint, fracture or other conditions and these may cause intractable hip pain and stiffness limiting the normal activities of routine life. After exhaustion of medical treatment, physiotherapy and lifestyle modifications, Surgery of total hip replacement needs to be considered.

Common causes of hip pain:

a. Osteoarthritis

b. Rheumatoid arthritis

c. Avascular necrosis of the femoral head

d. Childhood hip disorders

e. Post-traumatic

The procedure of Total hip replacement includes the steps :

1. The damaged femoral head is resected and replaced with metal or ceramic ball

2. The worn out acetabular socket is reamed and fitted with another artificial metal or plastic socket

3. A ceramic/plastic spacer is inserted between socket and ball

In toto the bearing surface may be :

a. Metal on polyethylene

b. Ceramic on Polyethylene

c. Ceramic on ceramic

hip arthroscopy