Knee Replacement Treatment in Guntur

Damaged joint surfaces of all the three compartments are resurfaced with a new artificial joint. Metal components of the implant are put to a femur and tibia bone ends with or without cement. The plastic spacer is inserted between 2 metal components for wettability and smoothness. Fast track protocol is followed for surgery that makes the patient walk on day 1, climb stairs by 2-3 days and discharge by 4 days.

90% of implants survive at 15 -20 years without any complications. Recent advancements in technology such as the use of Zirconium coated (Oxinium)and crosslinking of poly are supposed to increase the longevity by another 10 years.


Only one damaged compartment of the knee joint is resurfaced without causing damage to the rest of the knee. It differs from a total knee replacement in

a. A procedure of surgery.

b. Less pain and faster recovery.

c. Less blood loss.

d. Lesser complications.

knee replacement